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Digital Transformation Toolkit April 2021

Looking to accelerate your digital transformation? Whether you’ve been digital from the get-go or want to take your digital offerings to the next level, Galileo is your partner. We offer the core components to take your payments programs wherever you want to go. See how Galileo supports neobanks, fintechs and other companies with early pay, push provisioning for mobile wallets, ACH processing, virtual cards, roundup funding and more.

Early Pay: Your direct deposit customers can access their pay when their employers deposit funds into their accounts—typically, up to two days before an employee’s scheduled pay day.

• Push Provisioning for Mobile Wallets: Service your new customers from the moment their card application is accepted, and give all customers the convenience of tapping their phones or watches to pay for their purchases.

• ACH Processing: Moving money through the ACH is the right choice for many fintech applications. Galileo handles ACH transactions with reliability and scalability—whether you look to us to handle your ACH volume as part of a comprehensive relationship or as a standalone service.

• Virtual Cards: When even fast isn’t fast enough, instantly generate a “virtual” card—a randomly generated number that’s formatted for processing through payments networks, like Mastercard or Visa.

• Roundup Funding: The “spare change” left over from purchases sweeps automatically into your customers’ linked savings or investment account—or even to a charity of choice.

Check out more features for your digital transformation toolkit, Galileo Does That and our API documentation for more information.

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