Galileo Third-Party and API Integration

A single link to the Galileo Platform connects you to a world of payments and fintech opportunities.

Galileo Third-Party and API Integration offers you endless opportunities to connect and do business with almost any service provider anywhere without building or maintaining separate links or gateways.

The extensive connectivity we support through Galileo Third-Party and API Integration—along with our uniquely flexible architecture—makes possible what our competitors only dream of.

Once you connect to the Galileo Platform, you can access the hundreds of endpoints to which we connect directly and those that connect to us via APIs.

These include 20+ sponsoring banks, card manufacturers and personalizers, and ATM and PIN debit networks, as well as mobile payments providers—like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay; bill pay providers; and other fintech applications you can use to customize and differentiate your programs.

If we’re connected, you’re connected.

And, if we aren’t connected to the provider of your choice, let’s work together to make that new connection happen. The support and services you access through Galileo Third-Party and API Integration are instantaneous and invisible.

A single point of access is all you need.

No Reinventing the Wheel

You benefit from our extensive network of partners in payments and fintech, so there’s no need to reinvent the connectivity wheel.

Single Point of Access

You connect to the Galileo Platform and leave the rest of the connections to us.

Invisible and Behind the Scenes

The behind-the-scenes connectivity operates seamlessly and instantly— invisible to your customers.

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