Galileo Security

The foundation on which we’re built.

At Galileo, security is a team effort and a team responsibility, because nothing is more important than protecting your data.

We’ve made a heavy investment in a layered approach to security, creating defenses that go beyond industry standards. And, we keep investing, because security is a constantly evolving journey. As that journey evolves, we’re continuing to create layers of protection that thwart malicious actions, keeping your data and our infrastructure safe.

Protecting your data isn’t just our job—it’s our personal commitment.

Nothing is more important than protecting your data.

We view every feature and every bit of functionality through the lens of security.

Everything we undertake at Galileo is examined based on its effect on security. If that effect is negative or can’t be mitigated, we don’t proceed. Because nothing—regardless of the upside potential—can persuade us to compromise security.

Regarding industry security standards, we don’t just strive to meet them; we strive to smash them—going above and beyond requirements to protect your data.

But, the fact is, most data breaches aren’t the result of complicated attacks; they’re exploitations of small vulnerabilities. And that’s why we also invest in ongoing training for every member of our team, regardless of his or her role, and continual self-audits to look for even the smallest exposure.

And, we’re always learning. We dissect industry events related to security to learn from it and to test ourselves, so we’re constantly improving our defenses to ensure the highest level of protection for your data and your customers.

Security is our top priority.

Comprehensive Security

We leave no stone unturned to deliver a comprehensive security environment.

Ongoing Investment

Because security threats change, we invest continually in upgrading and expanding our capabilities, as well as learning from the experiences of others.

Commitment to Excellence

You expect the best security protection and it’s our goal to deliver.