Galileo Payments Network Connectivity

The benefits of direct integration without the hassle.

Galileo Payments Network Connectivity provides direct integration to all the major payments networks, including Discover, MasterCard and Visa, as well as the major ATM and debit POS networks.

Our direct integration means you participate in the networks of your choice exactly as if you were connected directly—but without the hassle.

A single connection to Galileo connects you to all the major payments networks.

Today’s customers expect financial services without geographic constraint—to pay for purchases and get cash wherever they travel. And, the payments networks—with their ubiquitous acceptance marks—are the key to meeting this expectation.

The networks count on us and you can too.

Galileo Payments Network Connectivity delivers access to the networks you choose, so your customers can transact regionally, nationally and internationally—all through your single connection to Galileo.

To integrate directly and have the right to sponsor clients into the networks, we’ve successfully completed the rigorous network certification process, involving full-scale examination of our financial and technical soundness.

This includes examining our underwriting strength and ensuring our operation meets the networks’ high bar for processing security and redundancy and has the expertise to respond to bulletin changes, comply with operating rules and assimilate advanced technology features as they’re released.

We do the work, so you don’t have to.

You can never have too many connections.

No Heavy Lifting

We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. With Galileo Payments Network Connectivity, you get all the benefits of direct network integration without undergoing the challenging certification process.

One to Many

One connection to Galileo gives you access to all the payments networks you need.

No Hassle Technology Updates

Through our direct integration, you avoid the hassle of implementing the networks’ required tech updates, while also benefitting from the networks’ release of advanced features.