Galileo Authorization and Settlement

Our direct integrations mean fast, secure authorization and settlement for your customers’ transactions.

You shouldn’t have to think about authorization and settlement—and with Galileo, you don’t.

We’re an authorized processor for more than 20 payments networks, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PIN debit and ATM networks, along with Green Dot, MoneyGram and Western Union. As an authorized processor, we integrate directly with the networks, which means authorization is fast and settlement includes robust detail on your customers’ transactions.

Transparent, real-time reporting turns authorization and settlement into business intelligence gold.

Galileo Authorization and Settlement go beyond required functionality.

At Galileo, we take authorization and settlement seriously. But we do more than handle this required functionality with speed and certainty, we turn authorization and settlement into a marketing asset. 

With our industry-leading uptime availability, we authorize all transactions in real time and complete the process in milliseconds. And, the instant a transaction is authorized, we place a hold on the customer’s account, so the funds are no longer included in the available balance.

For settlement, we handle the complete in-account process and interact with your networks and banks to achieve your final and net settlement positions—available to you same day.

We also provide full access to your raw data files, which you can query, analyze and use to create custom reports using Galileo Advanced Analytics to unlock the business intelligence gold in your own data.

Only Galileo transforms authorization and settlement into a business intelligence asset.


Access and create custom reports, at will, using our same-day settlement reporting and Galileo Advanced Analytics.

Network Integrations

Our platform is integrated with all the top payments and ATM networks, so you can add networks quickly and easily.


We authorize transactions in milliseconds, so your customers are never inconvenienced at the point of sale, ATM or even when using their digital devices for purchases.


Galileo delivers industry-leading service levels, meaning we’re there to authorize your customers’ transactions in real time, minimizing rules-based stand-in authorizations.