Galileo Roundup Funding

An easy and automatic way for your customers to save and invest.

Everyone wants to save or invest more, but making it happen is a bore—so it’s easy to put it off for another day.

Galileo Roundup Funding takes the procrastination out of saving or investing more by automatically rounding up purchases to the next dollar each time your customers make a debit, credit or prepaid purchase. The “spare change” left over from purchases sweeps automatically into your customers’ linked savings or investment account.

Rounding up purchases may not make your customers rich, but it might kickstart the habit of saving or investing regularly, while increasing the stickiness of your customer relationships.

Customers love watching their spare change accumulate and appreciate.

If every journey begins with a first step, Galileo Roundup Funding is your customers’ start on the road to regular saving and investing.

Participation in Galileo Roundup Funding is optional for customers, and they may opt in or out at any time.

You control the features you offer.

You have complete discretion over the features of the accounts into which you sweep customers’ Galileo Roundup Funding dollars. You might, for example, offer an above-market interest rate as an extra incentive to save, while also differentiating your program. Or, you might choose to sweep the funds into an investment account, potentially providing investment-grade returns and introducing the power of investing.

When it comes to saving and investing, even spare change counts.

Galileo Roundup Funding makes spare change count.

Kickstart the Saving/Investing Habit

Encourage customers to save or invest by making it easy and painless to tuck away their spare change.

Encourage Sticky Relationships

Add Galileo Roundup Funding as a program feature to enhance customer satisfaction, increasing loyalty and the longevity of your relationship.

Teach Your Children Well

Expose young people to the value of saving and investing by making Galileo Roundup Funding part of the first financial products they use independently.