Galileo Fraud Protection

Reduce fraud losses and protect your customer experience, reputation and bottom line.

Galileo Fraud Protection defends your fintech and payments programs from card-present and card-not-present fraud by combining reactive and proactive tools to stamp out payments fraud and drive your success.

Galileo clients using Fraud Protection experience fraud losses of approximately one basis point, on average. That’s 55 percent lower than the industry average.

AI boosts fraud detection success.

At your option, you can add artificial intelligence coverage to Galileo Fraud Protection. Galileo Fraud Protection with AI is fintech’s most accurate artificial intelligence for fraud, unleashing the power of machine learning on the massive amounts of transaction data we handle to detect previously undetectable fraud patterns and drive fraud losses even lower.

Galileo Fraud Protection fights card-present and card-not-present fraud.

Galileo Fraud Protection is a robust, rules-based fraud detection system that injects specific transaction rules for specific fraud patterns or events.

It examines every transaction you process through Galileo against your custom Fraud Protection rules, which incorporate account, transaction and system data points that pinpoint potential fraud in real time and trigger appropriate actions.

In addition to reducing the fraud loss average for participating clients to around one basis point, Galileo Fraud Protection can help you reduce false positives (i.e., legitimate transactions that are blocked) to protect your customers’ user experiences.

With the addition of AI capabilities, Galileo Fraud Protection goes further to identify and remember developing fraud patterns and apply its learnings to block future transactions exhibiting those patterns. And, it works 24/7 to continually self-improve its algorithms to get “smarter” at detecting emerging fraud patterns.

Game changing fraud detection with accuracy, precision and speed.

Reduce Fraud Losses

Galileo Fraud Protection clients, on average, achieve fraud loss rates 55 percent lower than national averages. And, clients that add AI coverage push their fraud loss rates, on average, even lower—to less than one basis point.

Protect Your Customer

Experience, Reputation and Bottom Line Galileo Fraud Protection also protects against costs that are harder to measure—like those resulting from the poor customer experience associated with fraud and the hit to your reputation.

Reduce False Positives

Galileo clients using Galileo Fraud Protection not only reduce their fraud losses, they also reduce their incidence of customer experience-killing false positives.