Galileo Customer Service and IVR

Live or automated assistance when your customers need support.

Galileo Customer Service and IVR stand in your place to assist your customers, offering the same high level of service and responsiveness you’d provide if you were handling the call yourself.

And, our Customer Service and IVR options are flexible. Combine our IVR with live customer service from onshore or offshore call centers. Or, use your in-house call center or a third party of your choice, because we work with all the top providers.

Our goal is to enhance your customer relationships with every interaction—automated or live–we handle on your behalf.

Outstanding customer experiences with every interaction.

Based on our deep knowledge of the needs of fintech and payments providers, we developed our own IVR system in-house to deliver customer support that’s financial services specific and more flexible than anything general-purpose, off-the-shelf systems can deliver.

Of course, we offer standard IVR functionality–such as lost/stolen card reporting and balance inquiries–but our data-driven messaging and decisioning enable us to do much more, like delivering custom messages based on your customers’ balances or last funds load. Or, we can take your callers down different IVR paths, based on any data point you request.

Customer care you can count on—every time.

If your customers require support beyond IVR, our agents are thoroughly trained in your products and skilled at handling transaction disputes. To ensure agent quality, we record 100 percent of calls and use statistically significant sampling to ensure your customers receive service that enhances your brand reputation.

Galileo Customer Service and IVR are all about detail and quality.

Speed to Market

If you need to get up and running fast, Galileo can launch your customer service and IVR functionality almost immediately. And, we can scale up and down quickly, according to your needs.


Customer service and IVR functionality are fully customizable to your needs.


By recording 100 percent of calls and sampling a statistically significant subset, we ensure top-level performance.


Our detailed KPI reports provide a total picture of your customers’ hot buttons, so you can proactively address areas that need recalibration.


Our long-tenured staff knows what it takes to turn every interaction into an exceptional experience for your customers.