Galileo Card Production Link

Take the hassle out of getting cards to your customers.

Our connections ensure you can use the card provider that fits your needs perfectly.

Plastic cards are a critical element in many debit, credit and prepaid programs. Not only do they link your customers to your programs, they’re the little piece of your business that your customers carry with them. But if you’ve never issued a card before, where do you start and whom do you trust for quality cards and turnaround that meets your timeline?

Galileo Card Production Link takes the anxiety out of being new to card issuance. Our connections to a dozen card manufacturers and personalizers—most of which are Visa-, Mastercard- and/or Discover-certified—mean you have lots of solid choices. And, we can support you in selecting the card provider that best fits your requirements. Or, if you have an existing card provider relationship, chances are we have a relationship, too, and can make your transition seamless.

Our Card Production Partners are Arroweye, Beautiful Card Corp, CPI Canada, CPI Colorado, CPI Nashville, CPI Minnesota, Fiserv, G&D, Gemalto, MT&L, Perfect Plastic and Valid. If you’re working with a card provider not currently on our list, let us know. We’re happy to launch discussions with the goal of connecting to that provider. Don’t sweat card production. We’ve got it covered.

We support your card production needs from A to Z.

In addition to helping you select the best card provider for your needs, we also can support you, at your option, with our in-house design services for your card and accompanying materials—including, for example, your card carrier, envelope, activation sticker, regulatory disclosure and terms and conditions.

If you have an idea of how you’d like your card and materials to look, we’ll work with you to polish the design and stay with you through creating camera-ready art. Or, we can start from the concept stage, applying our creativity to reflect your style.

Importantly, our in-house experts work with you to shepherd your card and materials through the bank and payments network review and approval process—saving you from potential missteps that can add time and cost to your start up.

Getting cards to your customers is a breeze. Once you create customer accounts on the Galileo Platform via API or batch files, we automatically create the emboss file, which we forward to your card provider for personalization and fulfillment. And, as you add new customer accounts, we continue to create and send emboss files to your card provider.

With Galileo Card Production Link, we’re with you on every step of your card production journey.

Your card is the symbol of your customer relationship.


Our connections to all major card manufacturers and personalizers mean you can use the provider that best meets your specific requirements.

Design Services

At your option, use our in-house experts to design your cards and materials and shepherd them through the bank and payments network approval process.


Security is the foundation of everything we do, so you can be sure that we are careful with your customer emboss data. Files are encrypted, IP restricted, and firewall and password protected.