Galileo Virtual Card Solution

Respond instantly when fast isn't fast enough.

Unlock previously unimaginable opportunities for your commercial and consumer customers with the Galileo Virtual Card Solution.

When even fast isn’t fast enough, use the Galileo Virtual Card Solution to instantly generate a “virtual” card—a randomly generated number that’s formatted for processing through payments networks, like Mastercard and Visa.

Each virtual card handles a single transaction in a specified amount for security and a seamless experience. And, like branded physical cards, virtual cards generate interchange on every transaction.

Virtual card capabilities can be part of your debit, credit and prepaid programs.

Unlock previously unimaginable opportunities.

Without a physical presence, virtual cards supported by the Galileo Virtual Card Solution are tremendously flexible and well-suited for payments environments where using physical cards would be impossible or impractical.

Virtual cards give peace of mind to your mobile-centric customers and security-minded shoppers, who value the extra protection of a unique account number for every transaction.

And, with virtual cards, your new customers start using your card (establishing habit and loyalty) even before their plastic card arrives in the mail. Virtual cards also provide continuity of service for customers waiting for replacement cards.

Virtual cards can strengthen commercial relationships.

Virtual cards for commercial clients can strengthen their core businesses by deepening customer relationships and generating incremental sales and new revenue streams, with capabilities like small-ticket consumer lending, point-of-sale financing and virtual “rent-to-own” plans.

They also can transform your clients’ accounts payable function, enabling them to generate new revenue, reduce fraud and streamline payments operations by replacing paper checks with virtual card payments.

With fast, easy API implementation, push provisioning, customizable fraud controls and just-in-time funding, the Galileo Virtual Card Solution is an important addition to your debit, credit or prepaid programs.

Tap into the added value of virtual cards.

Instant Fulfillment

Get “cards” into customers’ hands instantly.

New Business/New Revenue

Generate incremental revenue from new business lines where using physical cards would be impossible or impractical.

More Customers

Attract security-minded customers who value extra protection of virtual cards.

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