Galileo Mobile Technologies

Shattering the boundaries of what’s possible through mobile delivery.

Mobile is the defining delivery channel of our time and achieving its full potential—to improve lives and drive commerce—lies just ahead.

At Galileo, we’re all-in on the potential of mobile, and we’re focused on bringing those opportunities to life with Galileo Mobile Technologies.

Galileo Mobile Technologies isn’t a single solution but a framework to harness the power of the mobile channel, so you can create amazing customer experiences in all kinds of applications: like, onboarding customers, providing financial advice or making restaurant recommendations—all highly customized with support from Galileo Artificial Intelligence.

With Galileo Mobile Technologies, mobile delivery without limits is within reach.

Powering the mobile revolution.

Consumers value mobile applications for convenience and ease. Significant segments of the population already use a mobile device as the primary interface with their financial services providers. With just a few taps, they can pay for purchases, transfer money, pay bills, get a gut check on their spending or just check their balances.

But financial services are only the beginning. There’s a world of opportunity awaiting, and Galileo Mobile Technologies is powering that revolution, providing enabling technology to inspire you to unleash your creativity to create mobile-based applications you thought you could only dream about.

One proof-of-concept prototype we’re working on is a personal financial assistant that’s geo-aware and AI-assisted to generate and send important notifications and make recommendations based on goals or activities—all delivered through the mobile channel.

What does this capability inspire you to do: deliver higher yields on deposits to your customers, while cutting fees; provide customers with access to different asset classes—like cryptocurrencies, securities or gold; or help customers achieve their goals in retirement? Whatever digital applications you can dream, Galileo Mobile Technologies can take you there.

Like you, we’ve seen the future, and it’s mobile.

How Creative Can You Get?

Galileo Mobile Technologies provide enabling technology that gives life to your most ambitious dreams for mobile delivery.

Mobile, Mobile-First or Mobile-Only

Mobile delivery isn’t only the future, it’s the present. Galileo maintains direct integrations with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay, and supports API integrations with other mobile services and providers—so you can distinguish yourself—right now—with a full suite of capabilities, optimized for the mobile channel.   

Polished Customer Experience

The companies that will control the future of financial services will embrace mobile-based self-service and deliver the exceptional user experiences that Galileo Mobile Technologies supports.

Questions about the Galileo Platform?

Galileo Platform Features

Unleash the power of the Galileo Platform.

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