Galileo Disputes and Chargebacks

We’ve got the industry’s best track record for dispute and chargeback handling.

Galileo Disputes and Chargebacks

For Galileo, disputes and chargebacks are an ongoing strategic initiative because we understand the challenges you face to develop and maintain the in-house expertise, procedures and tools to handle these important and time-sensitive functions.

A key part of our strategic initiative is being the best in the industry at handling disputes and chargebacks, which—based on overwhelming positive client feedback—we’ve achieved.

Our in-house team of dispute and chargeback experts is at your disposal to apply their professionalism and strict adherence to payments network and regulatory requirements to your customer-initiated disputes and/or to handle your chargebacks, making certain every dollar you’re entitled to is returned.

We pay attention to disputes and chargebacks, so you don’t have to.

Galileo Disputes and Chargebacks deliver consistent quality outcomes—fast.

Our team of dispute and chargeback experts is tenured and highly trained, and their education is ongoing, keeping them current with payments networks rules and regulatory changes.  We’ve also invested in automating processes and providing tools to support the team in delivering consistent quality outcomes—fast.

Another reason we’re so effective in dispute and chargeback handling is the success of Galileo Fraud Protection. Our industry-leading fraud detection capabilities block fraud before it happens. And, less fraud means fewer disputes and chargebacks.

Our dispute and chargeback experience benefits your bottom line.

Outsource Disputes With Confidence

We’re pros at handling disputes with professionalism and strict adherence to payments network and regulatory requirements.

Don’t Miss Out on Chargeback Dollars

Whether related to a customer dispute or a negative balance event, we pursue chargebacks to collect every dollar you’re entitled to receive back from the payments networks.

Stay in the Loop With Detailed Reporting

Our reports ensure you always know the status of your customers’ disputes and chargebacks.

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