Galileo Account Management and Client Support Services

Exceptional client care by design.

Galileo Account Management and Client Support Services

Great client relationships can lead to great results. But neither happens by accident. Each depends on close coordination and continual nurturing, provided—at Galileo—by our account management team. 

Your account manager is your primary point of contact at Galileo and the conduit to our robust resources that support you in achieving your strategic objectives. But the unexpected can happen in even the best relationships. When they do, Galileo Client Support Services takes over to provide the tech support you need so you’re never left flat-footed. 

Count on Galileo for exceptional client care by design. 

Achieving your strategic objectives is our strategic objective.

Galileo Account Management and Client Support Services help you manage and grow your programs.

Your dedicated Galileo account manager—along with a designated back up— is your strategic partner, with responsibility for ensuring you get maximum benefit from our relationship and assisting you to manage and grow your programs to achieve your objectives.

You’ll get to know your account manager well, starting with an initial and then annual (or even quarterly) meetings to understand your high-level goals and continuing with weekly tactical calls to track and report on projects or to discuss new opportunities.

Even outside regular business hours, Client Support Services are available by phone to provide  knowledgeable support for any issues that require technical assistance.  

And, if there’s ever an issue your account manager or Client Support Services representative can’t resolve, you have a clearly defined escalation path—because if you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied.

In-House Advocacy

Your account manager is your in-house representative—the internal advocate who marshals Galileo’s resources to support your objectives and keeps you up to date on significant developments. 

Frequent Contact

Regular communication with your account manager ensures we understand what’s important to you (and your stakeholders) to stay aligned to address your needs and meet your goals.

Extended Hours Tech Support

With Galileo, you’re never operating alone. A call to Client Support Services provides the technical assistance you need.

No Problem Escalation

We doubt it will happen often—but if you ever need to take an issue to the next level, we won’t be offended. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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