Galileo Cryptocurrency Solution

Bridge the payments/cryptocurrency gap.

With the Galileo Cryptocurrency Solution, you’re taking the first step to bridging the gap between today’s payments world and the cryptocurrency world of tomorrow.

You can be at the forefront of meeting the needs of customers interested in cryptocurrencies and build a knowledge base to help you shape future generations of cryptocurrency programs—while minimizing your cost and risk.

At Galileo, we’re leading the charge in ongoing payments innovation, so you can take full advantage of every opportunity to serve your customers.

Cryptocurrency innovation that leverages today’s payment system rails.

The Galileo Cryptocurrency Solution enables you to engage your customers in the emerging world of cryptocurrency, while remaining squarely within the current payments systems framework and rules.

Your customers seamlessly deposit funds denominated in cryptocurrencies to their accounts and spend those funds with the ease and immediacy they’re accustomed to when using payments cards or apps.

Transactions are conducted and settled entirely in fiat currency, riding the existing payments rails. Galileo converts transactions, post authorization, to the designated cryptocurrency and debits customers’ appropriate cryptocurrency purse.

Galileo’s APIs power our Cryptocurrency Solution, so it’s quick and easy for your developers to create and test cryptocurrency applications in the secure Galileo Sandbox.

Get ready for the future of payments.

Leading Edge

Serve your customers on the leading edge of technology, enabling them to transact in cryptocurrency with the ease and immediacy they’re accustomed to when using payments cards or apps.

Hands-On Experience

Get hands-on cryptocurrency experience while staying securely within the current payments system.

Avoid Cost/Risk

Minimize the cost and risk of building your knowledge base.