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Financial Advisor Magazine: Carson Group to Offer Galileo Money+ Mobile Banking Solution

Financial Advisor Magazine, a leading publication for financial advisors and registered investment advisors, recently published an article about the launch of Galileo Money+, featuring Galileo’s founder and CEO Clay Wilkes.

Available exclusively through financial advisors, Galileo Money+ is a high-interest, FDIC-insured mobile banking solution that empowers financial advisors to compete for the $10 trillion in low- or no-interest U.S. bank deposits by offering their customers supercharged, white-labeled accounts for spending and wealth accumulation, featuring market-based interest rates tied to the Effective Federal Funds Rate. Account functionality includes online and in-store shopping and access to 32,000 no-fee ATMs; a mobile app for moving money, including paying bills; and FDIC insurance—all offered with no monthly service fees.

The article highlights Galileo’s partnership with the Carson Group, the first financial services company to offer its investment clients and RIA partners access to Money+. Wilkes shared that, “Last year, Americans paid billions in bank fees while getting the bare minimum rate of return on their deposits.” In partnership with financial advisors, Galileo is helping to solve this problem by offering Galileo Money+, a scalable, sustainable banking solution that puts people before profit and offers market-based rates.

Read the full Financial Advisor Magazine article here.

For more information on Galileo Money+, click here.

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