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How to Create a Developer-First Product

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Companies that don’t prioritize developers’ needs are falling behind. As more developers are tasked with vetting and selecting SaaS providers, organizations need to reciprocate with attention and support at every level. Committing to a developer-first lifestyle isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

Establishing a developer-first culture doesn’t happen overnight. It can require an overhaul in the way a company operates to champion developers as its core users.

As head of developer experience at Galileo, Egan Anderson has spearheaded the company’s efforts to reinvent how it interacts with developers. Galileo recently opened its suite of APIs for external use. The process hasn’t been frictionless, but Anderson has navigated the challenging dynamic of balancing the needs of developers with the inevitable internal inertia that’s often resistant to change.

Advocating for developers and facilitating these discussions, however, has helped Galileo grow into a more successful and profitable business.

Learn how Galileo accomplished this!

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