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Fraud Loss Protection with AI

Here’s Why You Need Galileo Fraud Protection

Reduce Fraud Losses

Galileo Fraud Protection clients, on average, achieve fraud loss rates 55 percent lower than national averages. And, clients that add AI coverage push their fraud loss rates, on average, even lower—to less than one basis point.

Protect Your Customer Experience, Reputation and Bottom Line

In addition to mitigating the potentially program-killing direct costs of fraud, Galileo Fraud Protection also protects you from costs that are harder to measure—like those resulting from the poor customer experience associated with fraud and the hit to your reputation when your customers doubt your ability to protect them.

Reduce False Positives

Galileo clients using Galileo Fraud Protection not only reduce their fraud losses, they also reduce their incidence of customer experience-killing false positives.

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Fraud protection: Galileo does that!

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