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MONEY20/20 USA - 2021

Money20/20 USA - 2021


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Galileo CEO Derek White speaks at the largest fintech conference and explores the sustainability of this fintech super era.

Rethinking credit

“We are seeing a lot of interest in credit right now, especially alternative ways to increase access to credit for low- to moderate-income consumers,” said Nikkee Rhody, EVP of strategy at Central Payments and managing director of the Falls Fintech accelerator program. Through Falls Fintech, which Galileo sponsors, Rhody works directly to select and nurture 10 early stage fintechs a year, companies that are finding creative ways to solve familiar problems. That includes opening up the financial services ecosystem to more and more people and improving their overall financial health in the process. She said there’s a lot of focus on reaching underserved demographics in urban areas as well as graduates just leaving school who are looking to start their financial lives but don’t always know where to start. Download your free report: “Tap a $1 Trillion Market”

This Webinar Explores

  • Where consumers keep their money

  • How consumers use their accounts—and why it’s changing

  • What really matters to earn and keep customers