Learn how to approach payment program management in financial services—and why it matters for your program profitability and long-term success.

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Finnosummit Connect — Cancún, México


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Fintech Nexus LatAm — Miami, Florida

Galileo will be a track sponsor at Fintech Nexus LatAm. Visit our booth to learn how our powerful payment processing platform can help create sophisticated payment card programs and digital banking solutions.

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Money20/20 USA – Las Vegas, Nevada

A Galileo sponsored event, Money20/20 is fintech’s biggest show with over 11,500 attendees and 3,000+ leading companies. Come swing by our booth to learn why the world’s most innovative companies choose Galileo.

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Febraban Tech — Sao Paulo, Brazil

Join Galileo at this event dedicated to IT applied in the financial sector. Presidents, directors and managers of financial institutions will meet to discuss the latest news and innovations in IT related to data security, user service, software and other technologies beyond the web.

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Money20/20 Europe – Amsterdam

Connect with us to expand the financial frontier with leaders, founders, entrepreneurs, and innovators at Money20/20 EU where renowned speakers and disruptors from across the world drive change in the future of money.

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American Banker Digital Banking – Boca Raton, Florida

Join Galileo at this event where knowledgeable experts dive deep into a plethora of fintech related topics. Visit our booth and hear our panel speaking session where speakers provide tools to thrive in a new era of financial services.

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Galileo Xchange — NYC

More details coming soon.

More details soon