The Galileo Foundation

The opportunity to transform lives.

The Galileo Foundation increases awareness of the challenges faced by people less fortunate than ourselves and enables us to help those in need take steps to achieving sustainable economic wellbeing. It allows us to participate more fully as giving members of the global community.

Several times a year, The Galileo Foundation sponsors expeditions for our employees, clients, partners and their families to locations in the U.S. and emerging countries. There, we immerse ourselves in the communities, contribute our labor and provide tools and education for self-sustaining economic advancement.

Galileo CEO Clay Wilkes and his wife launched The Galileo Foundation in 2005 with the vision of assisting people in the U.S. and around the world build skills and businesses to escape poverty and achieve economic empowerment.

The Galileo Foundation offers the opportunity not only to transform the lives of the people we visit—but our own. No one returns home unchanged. Regardless how hard we’ve worked, we get more than we give.

Recent Projects

During the past year, Galileo volunteers traveled to India and returned for our 15th visit to the area near Cusco, Peru, where our Foundation Head Duane Gines is called “Papa” because of his long and deep involvement with people living in remote mountain villages. This year, our attention was drawn particularly to the needs of children, especially young women.

Project India

In India, we were introduced, through our esteemed colleague Brijesh Garabadu to the Adruta Children’s Home in Odisha, which offers abandoned girls a home and education. Beyond our on-site work there, we were able to fill a special need—funding two full-time teachers, one for English and one for math, to help the girls develop marketable skills to support themselves after they age out of Adruta’s protection at 22.

Project Peru

In Peru we joined forces with Days for Girls, a non-profit that supplies eco-friendly reusable hygiene kits to girls to ensure they don’t have to miss school because of the cost or unavailability of feminine hygiene products. We also served as instructors in girls-only classes to prepare these young women for the physical changes that accompany maturation.

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