Total Control. Maximum Flexibility.

Galileo Pro offers full control over your payment card or digital banking solution,  with total flexibility and maximum customization. Our powerful APIs and flexible payment processing platform support you in delivering sophisticated financial products.

When you want to build a program that’s completely yours, Galileo Pro is the solution for you.

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Step up to the most sophisticated payment processing platform.

Anchored by our robust suite of open APIs, Galileo Pro delivers big benefits available only from the world’s most sophisticated payment processing platform.


Create payment card or digital banking solutions with features and benefits uniquely suited for your use cases and target customers.


Make your payment card and digital banking solutions completely your own. With Galileo Pro, you’re in the driver’s seat—100 percent.


Lean on us for the support to make your payment card or digital banking solution spectacular. We take care of they payment back office, so you can get on with the business of delighting your customers.

What do you want to deliver?


Take your debit program beyond the ordinary, turning your debit card into a marketing asset.


Make a fast, sure-footed entry into consumer, small business and commercial credit, extending your brand and engaging new markets.


Power success in any vertical from GPR and payroll to healthcare and rebate/loyalty.


When even fast isn’t fast enough, instantly generate a single-use, interchange-generating virtual card, formatted for payment network processing.


Offer customers at any stage of life complete financial solutions that eliminate their need to work with multiple entities to manage bank and investment accounts.


Bridge the payments/cryptocurrency gap with transactions that are conducted and settled entirely in fiat currency, riding the existing payment rails.

Supercharge your programs with our powerful APIs.

Galileo’s Open APIs connect you to the most powerful and sophisticated capabilities in fintech and digital banking.


The Program Master API leverages Galileo’s advanced platform to provide comprehensive technology to open bank accounts, issue cards and support the complex functionality that must operate behind the scenes of financial programs.


The Galileo Real-Time Events API provides real-time notification of your customers’ activity—such as changes in card status, authorization, settlement and deposits—as events happen.


Use the Galileo Authorization Controller API to participate in advanced decisioning for your customers’ transaction activity. Your active participation in authorization decisioning enhances your customers’ positive experiences.

Where will Galileo Pro take you?

Whatever use cases you wish to pursue, Galileo Pro can get you there.

Why go Galileo Pro?

Customize your program.

Galileo’s powerful APIs take your payment program wherever you want it to go.

And we support as much of your payment back office as you want, so you can focus on building great CX—not the complexity of payment processing.

Choose your bank.

We have existing relationships with 20+ issuing banks, so you can select the sponsor that’s right for you or continue your current bank relationship.

You also can choose your other payment partners, including your payment networks, card manufacturer and more.

Grab the competitive edge.

With total flexibility to create custom products and unique CX for whatever use cases you’re pursuing, Galileo Pro helps you grab the competitive edge to stay ahead of competitors.

And, you can act as your own program manager—or not.

Pricing for the exact services and features you need.


Galileo Pro pricing is dependent on the choices you make. It’s our pleasure to work with you to create a custom pricing proposal for your consideration.

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