Galileo Advanced Analytics

Unleash the power of your own big data.

Galileo Advanced Analytics transform your data into actionable business intelligence—with you in complete control.

With web-based access to our full data warehouse, you can generate unlimited custom reports from your enterprise or customer-generated activity in just seconds. Or, for routine needs, choose from our nearly 400 predesigned reports.

Your data is available anytime from any web-connected device, so you can share business intelligence across your enterprise to accelerate your growth and success.

The answers you need are in your data.

Galileo Advanced Analytics mean never having to wait for custom reports.

At Galileo, we believe in your right to access your own data whenever and however you need it.

That’s why Galileo Advanced Analytics are integrated into every Galileo processing relationship—so you can unlock the potential of big data to inform your decisionmaking, understand your customers holistically and drive real-time marketing.

With our build-your-own reports module, you can create unlimited custom reports based on the raw data we warehouse on your customer and enterprise activities. Just drag and drop to drill down on any part of your operation or portfolio. And, format, manipulate and export your data according to your needs.

No waiting for custom reports, no contracts with expensive third-party data aggregators—just you in complete control of your valuable data.

Put your data to work.

Custom Dashboards

Automatically pull data from across the platform to create custom dashboards tailored to the information requirements of specific groups—like, your high-level executives or finance and operations personnel, for example. Each group gets the information it needs in an easy-to-understand format, saving analysts’ valuable time. And, dashboards can refresh automatically on whatever schedule you choose.

Customer Reports on Demand

Generate unlimited custom reports—with up to 100 variables—to drill down on any part of your operation or portfolio, even to the cardholder level.

Data Your Way

Add custom data elements on the fly. Download clean CSV and Excel files of hundreds of metrics and KPIs. And, refine your data using Excel to execute complex manipulations to generate the exact information you need.

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