Authorization Controller API

Protect positive customer experiences by participating in authorization decisioning.

Galileo Authorization Controller API

Use the Authorization Controller API to participate in advanced authorization decisioning for your customers’ transaction activity.

After a transaction is reviewed by your payments network and Galileo, you receive it—along with the approve/decline recommendation–for further consideration. You may accept or override the recommendation. Or, you may apply proprietary logic or criteria–such as extending funds to avoid overdrafts, restricting teens from inappropriate MCCs and converting funds to other currencies—before authorizing/declining the transaction.

Your active participation in authorization decisioning protects your customers’ positive experiences by enabling you to give extra consideration to transactions made by your VIP customers, younger customers and those transacting in multiple currencies and cryptocurrencies.

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Galileo Program
Master API

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Galileo Real-Time
Events API

Get real-time notification of customer activity—such as changes in card status, authorization, settlement and deposits—as events happen.

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