Our Story

Galileo is the company behind the tech that powers fintech and payments.

The vision to create the industry’s most sophisticated payments platform.

We began our relentless drive to be the best in fintech before fintech was even a thing.

In payments, every innovation stands on the shoulders of the ones that came before. Galileo came of age at the dawn of the prepaid card, which stood on the shoulders of credit and debit but surpassed its predecessors in delivering incredible new opportunities and convenience for consumers, businesses and governments. Prepaid set the payments world on fire—breaking the mold of what payments could be or should be. At Galileo, we embraced the challenge.

Although we didn’t know it then, that was the beginning of fintech, pushing the boundaries of what was possible in payments and making it work. And, Galileo was at its forefront—combining the stability of existing payments rails with emerging digital technologies and data science, and developing the experience, rigor and infrastructure to carry out our vision of being the very best at what we do.

Through constant innovation and investment—all with the goal of preparing for what’s next—we’ve created the industry’s most sophisticated and flexible payments platform. And, we’re ready and waiting to serve you.

We don’t play at fintech. We live it and we deliver it.

Fintech and payments without limits.

Galileo envisions a world where everyone is financially empowered with access to safe and affordable financial products that promote dignity, self-reliance and wealth accumulation. We contribute to achieving that vision with the financial technology and comprehensive support that enable our clients to achieve whatever they can imagine—so they can serve their customers in diverse and creative ways that adapt to changing requirements and lifestyles. 

Together, we really can change the world.

We’re very good at solving fintech and payments challenges.

We don’t run away from fintech and payments challenges; we run towards them.

If it’s been done in fintech or payments, it’s a good bet Galileo did it first—because we thrive on innovation and we’re very good at solving problems.

In fact, we anticipate challenges to stay ahead of our clients’ needs. So, when they’re thinking about artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptocurrencies, natural language processing, biometric security or a host of other technologies that can improve performance, reduce costs and enable new capabilities, we’re already there.

We’re not here to maintain the status quo. We’re here to push fintech and payments to the limit.

At Galileo we work hard and we play hard. How does that sound?

Collectively, we’re engineers, data scientists, payments specialists and developers—focusing our no-limits approach to opportunities in fintech and payments to create innovative solutions that drive our clients’ success. We’re 100 percent committed to doing whatever it takes to be the best possible partner—dedicating our passion for innovation and doing what others say is impossible to take our clients wherever they want to go and accelerate their success.

The same level of commitment applies equally to Galileo team members. Working here means diving into challenging career opportunities in a respectful and encouraging environment. Our Salt Lake City location offers an impressive quality of life, and we encourage team members to take full advantage of the sporting and outdoor opportunities available nearby. 

The Galileo Foundation
Empowering those in economic need; inspiring ourselves.

The Galileo Foundation sponsors expeditions for employees, clients, partners and their family members to locations in the U.S. and emerging countries. There, we immerse ourselves in the communities, contribute our labor and provide tools and education for self-sustaining economic advancement.

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